Royalty-free 3d computer generated communications clipart picture of a busy white person holding and talking on three corded telephones.Contact your partner….Contact your partner…..Contact your partner!

Every year it is emphasized that we contact our partners before matches, yet many of us don’t.  The question is WHY……  there really is no good answer!

We are asked to contact our partners to confirm date, time and location.  Mistakes happen and verifying this information allows us to make sure we are on the same page and have not inadvertently gotten our wires crossed on where we are supposed to be and when.  It gives our partners confidence that we will be there if for some reason we are running late.  It keeps us and the chapter from being embarrassed by an avoidable mistake.

The R1 has primary responsibility for this communication but the R2 is also responsible for reaching out if they have not heard from the R1 at least 24 hours before an assignment.  Phone, email, and text are all acceptable forms of communication but only if confirmed by the other party.

I have had partners tell me they didn’t reach out because they knew I would be there.  While I appreciate their confidence in me, that is not acceptable.  Contacting your partner is simply part of “Taking Care of Business” and should be considered an important part of our job as officials.

If you are one of the many who makes a habit of contacting their partner, Thank You!  If you’re not, please make it a goal for 2017 that contacting your partner is a habit you will start.

Ashley Benson, DVOC Correspondence Secretary