DVOC Dues and Fees

How to Pay Dues

All DVOC payments are moving to an on-line payment system begining in 2018.  The reason is simple….simplicity.  We have experimented with the on-line system for two years and have determined it works better for the vast majority of our officials and greatly assists in the tracking of payments.

To make an onl-line payment for your 2018 Registration Dues, find your membership status on the left side of the chart below and click the appropriate pay button to the right. To help cover cost of this convenience, a $3.00 fee is added for online payments. New members will also need to include their DVOC Membership Form.

2018 DVOC Registration Fees

Officiating Status Registration Date DVOC Dues Late Fees Total Dues and Fees
New Anytime $40 $40.00 – Click Here
Returning On/Before March 1 $65 $65.00 – Click Here
After March 1 $80
After Annual Picnic $80 $25 N/A
Transferring $65 $65.00 – Click Here
Reinstated Before Annual Picnic $65 $65.00 – Click Here
After Annual Picnic $65 $25 N/A
Dual Chapter Anytime $65 $65.00 – Click Here

Status Key:

  • New: never officiated before or been affiliated with a TASO volleyball officiating chapter in Texas
  • Returning: must have been a DVOC member the previous season and be in good standing
  • Transferring: previously affiliated with another TASO volleyball chapter and must be in good standing with TASO
  • Reinstated: rejoining or recently reinstated as a member in good standing with DVOC
  • Dual Chapter: holds membership with another TASO chapter.

That does it for DVOC dues and fees, BUT . . .