About Us

Welcome to the official website of the Dallas Volleyball Officials Chapter (DVOC). The DVOC is a group of TASO certified officials (Texas Association of Sports Officials) who are dedicated and committed to serving volleyball programs throughout the Greater Dallas area.

Primary Focus

The primary focus of DVOC is to supply knowledgeable and quality officials for high school and middle school matches in our service area.


We feel the most effective way to produce a high quality group of officials is through excellent training strategies.

Sports Associations

DVOC is sanctioned by the Texas Association of Sports Officials (TASO). We officiate for UIL, TAPPS, SPC, and independent private schools.

Girls' Volleyball

The increasing high interest level in Girls’ Volleyball has resulted in a tremendous need for quality officials to facilitate these volleyball matches.

Our Story

We started small over 35 years ago. A group of sports officials who enjoyed volleyball recognized a need in the Dallas area to provide trained volleyball officials to the local schools that had volleyball programs. As a result of Title IX and being promoted strongly through U.I.L., volleyball was becoming a growing sport. Not all schools had volleyball programs as they do today. At that time coaches had to contact officials directly to secure their services for matches since there was not an “official” volleyball officials organization established in the area.

Presently girl’s volleyball is eclipsed in participation numbers only by football and basketball. And in the ever-expanding DFW area more schools are being opened, making the need for qualified officials greater than ever before. While DVOC has grown from about 30 officials in the early 1980’s to more than 300 officials in 2016, we are always looking to add more to the team. The number of schools from the Middle School level through High School in both public and private school settings has expanded at an even faster rate of growth. 

Today, DVOC is currently the largest sanctioned TASO volleyball officials chapter in the state of Texas. We believe we serve some of the finest coaches, players and schools in our state and consider it a privilege to have a strong partnership with each one. As we serve our communities through the sport of volleyball, it’s never too late to be part of our dynamic and fun organization 

Our Mission

To provide area schools the highest quality volleyball officiating possible.

Our Values

Four uncompromising values set the hallmark for how DVOC officials shall be known: 

  •       Schools & Kids Come First
  •       Integrity & Professionalism
  •       Respect for Everyone
  •       Accountability for Actions

Expectations of Officials

  •       Live our Values
  •       A Positive Attitude
  •       Professional Appearance & Conduct
  •       Courtesy and Respect for All
  •       Take Your Job of Officiating Seriously
  •       Keep Business In-House
  •       Be Responsible for Your Actions
  •       Commit to Excellence

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DVOC Leadership Team

John Bernard

DVOC Board President

Having served as an official with DVOC since 2001, John was first elected to the Board as the Corresponding Secretary in 2010. He was appointed President in 2014 and was then elected for a two-year term as President in 2015. In leading the Board of Directors, John places a strong emphasis on professionalism with our officials and making the schools we service our #1 Priority!

Mark Krone

DVOC Board Immediate Past-President

Mark began serving with DVOC in 1989.  He has served in numerous positions on the DVOC Board including Board President.  He has served as Immediate Past-President since 2010.

Pam Gatton

DVOC Division “C” Representative

Pam began serving with DVOC in 2002.  She is an accomplished and respected volleyball official.  Her priority is to provide leadership to our 8+ year officials in Division “C”.  She was elected to serve as Division “C” Representative in 2016.

Don Melton

DVOC Assignment Secretary

Don began serving with DVOC in 1992.  Don enters his 16th season as our Assignment Secretary in 2017. He is an accomplished official in basketball, baseball, and volleyball. over a 40+ year period and has become a tremendous ambassador for DVOC while earning the respect and admiration of area coaches and administrations over his 15 seasons as our assigner.  We are thrilled to have Don’s leadership on our team.

Susan Hunter

DVOC Board Vice-President

Susan has a passion for educating and training our officials and leads our Education/Training team in her role as Vice-President. Susan has served with DVOC since 1994 and has been selected as an official for Regional and State UIL Tournaments. She was elected as Board Vice-President in 2015.



Pete Howk

DVOC Board Member At-Large

Pete began serving with DVOC in 2007.  He is an accomplished volleyball official in DVOC, USAV, and college and will provide leadership as a representative across all three division of our chapter.  Pete was elected to serve as Member-At-Large in 2016.

Michael Anderson

DVOC Division “A” Representative

Michael began serving with DVOC in 2014.  He has officiating experience i nmultiple sports and has quickly become a very well respected official in our chapter.  Although relatively short tenured with DVOC, Michael has previous officiating experience in anther state.   His priority is to provide leadership to our 4-7 year officials in Division “A”.  Michael was elected to serve as Division “A” Representative in 2016.

Jason Bradberry

DVOC Treasurer

Jason began officiating with DVOC in 2004.  He has officiating experience in volleyball and basketball.  He serves as the Treasurer for the Kaufman Basketball Chapter as well as DVOC.  Jason began serving as Treasurer of DVOC in 2015.

Ashley Benson

DVOC Board Correspondence Secretary

Ashley Benson has been a well-respected official in basketball, baseball, and volleyball for nearly 30 years. Ashley has been selected to serve as a TAPPS State Volleyball Official as well as a regional and state official in UIL Basketball. He provides expertise guidance in areas of policy and communications for our membership.

LaGwenna Redwine

DVOC Board Member At-Large

LaGwenna began serving with DVOC in 2008. She is passionate about DVOC and officating volleyball.  Providing leadership across all three divisions of our chapter is her objective. LaGwenna  was elected to serve as Member-At-Large in 2016.

Jenny Seabuagh

DVOC Division “R” Representative

Jenny began serving with DVOC in 2016.  She has coaching and officiating experience in USAV and played competitively at a high level herself. She brings creatively and enthusiasm  to our leadership team. Her priority is to provide leadership to our 1-3 year officials in Division “R”.  Jenny was elected to serve as Division “R” Representative in 2016.